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Among the older generation of journalists in our country, some comrades can be said to be born for the party's journalism, for this cause, they are still tireless after retirement, never tired, until the end of life. Tan Wenrui, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper, is one of the best representatives.


In March 1994, I was organized to chair the Department of International Affairs. Soon, Tan, who has retired from home, wants me to go to him. He was a heavy talker, and he mainly advised us on two points. First, we should keep in mind the task that Premier Zhou Enlai had set for international reporting: to declare our foreign policy and to educate our country on patriotism and internationalism. Tan pointed out that although the time shift is easy, but Premier Zhou's instructions still have practical guidance. Second, we should focus on two areas of work: strengthening international commentary and expanding coverage. He stressed in particular that international commentary is a strong point in the People's Daily, and that it is necessary to give full play to this advantage.


I briefed him on the vision of the new international team. Comment, will increase the variety and number of comments, large, medium and small combination, especially to improve the timeliness of comments, strive for the first night before the news broadcast of major news, readers in the next day in the People's Daily can see the relevant comments. On the information side, through the fine compilation of news, add the number of news bars on the page, expand the coverage, let People's Daily international reports into the world chronicle. Tan always thinks our idea is very good, although the realization is somewhat difficult, but must strive to persist.


Founded in March 1993 by the Global Times, the head of the international department, the head of the department to see the sample. During my years in office and post-retirement at the Global Times, I deeply felt Tan's love for this freshman newspaper. He used to call me and sometimes let me go to his house and ask me to pass on his comments and suggestions to the Global Times leadership. Many of his opinions are very pertinent and instructive.


He supports the Global Times's separation of content and form from the People's Daily. For example, the People's Daily, a daily front page of the country's foreign leaders, occupies much of the international page, and the Global Times cannot put the front page, report less or even report less; as an international newspaper, it cannot report on domestic affairs. It was valuable to hold this opinion at that time. For quite some time, many comrades inside and outside the society criticized the Global Times for not keeping up with the newspaper.


Tan read the Global Times very attentively, often can see the problem. For a time, the Global Times has continued to report that China's international environment has become so dangerous that it seems to be among the wolves. Tan pointed out that the editorial office's intention to do so is to warn people, to be vigilant, but the negative effect is also obvious. This is not in line with the actual situation, giving the impression that China has no friends, is a net enemy, very isolated, some people may ask: how can China's diplomacy do this? After a few days, the above speech, and Tan's general views are much the same, can be said to coincide.


In the form of the report, Tan said many times that the Chinese news reports were influenced by the Soviet newspaper Le Monde, and the news and comments were completely separated. The Global Times didn't follow this path, and there was no pure news. Mr. Tan thinks it's good. At that time, there were many people with different views on the style of the Global Times, who thought it was a wild road. Mr. Tan has also said many times that newsweek and times magazine in the United States can put the past week's news, after writing, let the reader still read with relish, did not eat the feeling of fried cold rice, this kung fu is worth learning. Some of the Global Times columns also learn and insist on doing so, Tan Lao cannot fail.


In 1997, when then-President Jiang Zemin visited the United States, the Global Times published a newsletter in the first edition, including several passages in Hawaii:" President Jiang wears a swimming cap and swims in the water in a breaststroke "? ;? "The governor of Hawaii held a welcoming dinner at his official residence, the governor's wife sang the folk song" Wish Song ", and President Jiang picked up the Hawaiian ukulele to accompany her cheerfully "? At a dinner held by the Chinese in Los Angeles, President Jiang sang in front of his guests a bright moonlight under the window.


To this end, the head of a central press unit wrote a \"letter of complaint \", saying that the global times had seriously violated propaganda and reporting discipline by ignoring the rules governing the life of national leaders. The letter was approved by the Director-General of the Central Office and forwarded to the People's Daily President and Editor-in-Chief. The two leaders of the newspaper gave us severe criticism and asked for a written review. The editor-in-chief of the times wrote a review, and I added a few words to it, saying that I was also responsible for it, since the times were still in the hands of the international department.


After learning of this matter, Tan said: there are orders above, you write review should be, this is discipline. But I don't think you're making any mistakes, and I do think you're doing well. The behavior of national leaders abroad can be seen all over the world, why shouldn't the Chinese know? Moreover, foreign responses are mostly positive.


It didn't take long for things to change dramatically. Speaking at a conference, President Jiang said the Global Times was one of the best news outlets for his visit to the United States. Tan general opinion is brilliant, let people admire.


It's a real disaster. Five years ago, Mr. Tan accidentally fell off a step and died a few days later from a serious injury. Strong body, quick thinking Tan General, so suddenly left us, let people regret. I wish to express my memory and thanks to him in this passage.