The valley

This valley, deep as it is
Whose depth understands no tool of measure
This valley, devoid of light
Where all the same are day and night
This valley, breeding vipers and killer insects
This valley, whose void cannot be fully filled
Centrally cut by the River of Blood
Is what lies between us.

The crescent can never merge with the cross
Never have they in the tides of history
The mountain and the lake?
The ones and the others, the rest?
The hand and the mouth?
Light and darkness
God forbid!
The valley lies across, deep.

Look where you stand
Anticipating crowds surround
Anticipating some coin to jingle
I do not want to break your reverence
I do not want to cross to the other caste
I do not want to cross the River of Blood
Where hungry crocodiles sleep one-eyed
Waiting; waiting for fools timid enough to cross

What happened to Kamuye, you well know
He cries the curse he believes to carry
They took away all his heart understood
For why had he tried to cross the uncrossable?
I, too, fear the vipers and the depth
The abyss undefined by human sense
That shall leave my heart forlorn
And this too builds despondency from my bones.

Reply and run away.