Trap of the jewels

Image courtesy of Partners International
Image courtesy of Partners International

Why am I in prison?
Why am I still captive?
Why do I nurture fears?
That whet their swords for my neck?
Why am I still afraid?
Why is my sight lazy?
Why am I angry
Why am I tired?

Collecting has bound my hands
Chained my mind
And rusted my heart
For every day I arise into the self-made jail
To get or to kill
Then get, or kill more
The sun shines but I don’t see its beautiful rays
Its light only illuminates the voids
That need to be filled.

Why still captive of war?
With the mice black and white
To do or be done
You get, you smile; you miss, you curse
I scramble like the rat
I sweat like the seas
I forget myself and forget my kin
I forget the forces that make me be
But tomorrow shall still come
Stretching empty hands.

Wait –
How long is this sentence?
I also don’t know
I have replaced torn bags
Yet every morning I find them empty
Why do I sweat when tomorrow will be void?
– If it will come –
And me, not free?