Clear to dignity

Silent is what it was
The air pregnant on tension
Loudly and silent
The dilapidated whistling water pipes tense
Even the buzzing fly had now gone dumb
In a moment of silence, watching with disgust.
A moment to make clear the way
To secure the dreams
Into humanity
Into dignity.

She stared at the browning dirty bowl
Which did nothing but look back
The silent shrills in her ears were deafening
The handle of the flush bowl
Seemed to be in silent whispers with the water
The spiders hid their eyes not to see
For they had no courage to look
Yet nothing moved
Save the irregular heaving of her chest
And the loaded hands that were trembling

The door was safely bolted
And the lights turned off into semi darkness
No disturbance was likely
Her bloodied hands still held the polythene bag –
¬-What she did not want to see
The otherwise blur to her horizons
Of affluence and human dignity
Though the walls did not know this
They looked at her in sympathy; frowning
Oh! Daughter of His Majesty

A figure moved
The handle turned
The brown bowl changed red
Almost to the brim
Water filled threatening a vomit
She held her breath even longer
Then the sink coughed
And took with it flesh and blood
Took with it a breath away
As the curious flies re-turned mad