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Let brother-in-study sister-in-study feel that the university super-capacity super-shuai; but also let the work of senior sister-in-study feel very nostalgic for campus time, have money and leisure bitter sweet and sour.


Recently, zhejiang yueqing people reported to the police that the home was stolen, originally, the suspect mao mou because of trivial matters and family after a big quarrel, angrily left the home, about the villagers out to relieve stuffy, temporarily angry burglary. Mao said,\" I was very angry, there is no place to go, just to see the family no one, want to steal something to go to prison.\" At present, suspects Mao Mou, Wei Mou has been criminal detention.


In other words, customers can choose to refuse all kinds of \"considerate \",\" warm\" and \"considerate\" service. As long as the table card in the table stand out, the waiter will only serve food, empty dishes and other basic services.


New Year's Day and men to eat bottom fishing, the last two people eat support, face no expression and no communication gnawing watermelon. Waitress little sister came to ask us: the first day of the new year to smile, what is not happy, a smile will be good all the year.


The Chinese New Year is coming soon, for the majority of social terrorists, small editor I find out a way to speak, can make you in the New Year dinner table appear particularly ostentatious greasy!


When you're talking about a public figure at the table, raise your hand to stop, pretend to think for two seconds, and then give an epiphany and say," Oh! Hey! XX! Who else do I say? I was. ....。” Then make up a story with the celebrity in private, the apparent relationship is too close to verify.


Like Ang Lee:(taps his head)\" Oh! Hey! Ahn! Who else do I say? I told him a story about a young man and a tiger when I was pinching his feet in Taipei.


Said a british man with the door dug out of the \"old wine\" on the program, please expert taste. Experts taste it like red wine. But the wine was sent for identification and found to be human urine, with brass pins, a small amount of alcohol and human hair at the mouth of the bottle. It is reported that this is actually a bottle of \"witchcraft wine \", in the 19th century was used as a talisman to prevent disaster.


Think of my father was drunk, my mother's mantra is:\" so many yellow urine soup, drink you!\" It seems that my mother's statement is also scientifically based. Yeah.


With a girl for five years, I always put her picture in my wallet. Every time I encounter any difficulty in my life, I take out my wallet and look at her picture, so that I can comfort myself: since I can survive my love with this crazy woman, I can overcome any difficulty.


I would like to thank all the beauty cameras and p-graph software, so that I can send photos on social software without too much psychological burden. Not enough talent, app! !


Recently, such a small video circulated on social media abroad, two small raccoons groped black to steal into the garden, were walking, one drove past knocking on the car window, the raccoon was frightened and motionless, and the front leading small raccoon posture made netizens laugh.


Since January 1,2020, the Pacific state of Palau has banned the use and sale of sunscreens in the country that contain common ingredients such as oxybenzone. Palau's president said the sunscreen would cause damage to coral reefs, fish and the sea. So far, at least four countries or regions have issued sunscreen bans. But experts say about half of creams and lotions contain similar toxic ingredients, although sunscreens are reduced.